Controlling vehicle speed when maneuvering down a steep hill can be a challenge. On the 2016 TITAN XD, the hill descent control system is available as standard equipment only for the PRO-4X grade models. This feature is designed to help control vehicle speed, allowing the driver to concentrate on steering.

Hill Descent Control:

Operating Conditions for Hill Descent Control:

System Operation


  • The vehicle speed must be kept below 15 mph (24 km/h) for hill descent control to be engaged and control vehicle speed.
  • For the best results, when descending steep downhill grades, the hill descent control switch should be ON and the shift lever should be in M1 (1st) for engine braking.
  • Sounds may be heard or slight vibrations may be felt through the brake pedal (similar to ABS operation) when the hill descent control functions. This is normal.

System Diagram

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