The NissanConnect with Mobile Apps system allows Murano owners to stay connected to their digital lives even in their vehicles. Apps include Online Search powered by Google (Navigation-equipped vehicles only), Pandora® (Android only), Facebook® and iHeart Radio for Auto. Part of the system’s innovative design is the flexibility to introduce new apps and a range of projected upcoming music, social networking, entertainment, and travel apps.

NissanConnect with Mobile Apps usage is not limited to the single owner of the vehicle. Other drivers and passengers can set up their own app suite to tailor their experience when they are in the vehicle. All app profiles and settings are personalized and unique to each driver’s phone, so users do not have to worry about sharing personal account information. In addition, the NissanConnect with Navigation system’s capabilities include SiriusXM Travel Link (fuel prices, movie times, stock updates, and weather) and revised button labels.


NOTE: The Basic NissanConnect Apps package is complimentary for three years from the new vehicle in-service date.

The 2015 Murano is equipped with a standard 7-inch color center display that provides access to a variety of connectivity services including streaming audio via Bluetooth®, hands-free text messaging assistant, and connectivity to selected smartphone apps. NissanConnect uses hands-free technology, or the Murano can be equipped with an advanced, 8-inch multi-touch color display on the console. The number of AV hard buttons on the new Murano has been reduced compared to the previous Murano. Today’s NissanConnect is as much of a necessity as it is a luxury, so the driver and front passenger can conveniently personalize a variety of connectivity services with the easy-to-use system much like a smartphone integrates internet and entertainment via Bluetooth®. As a display, it utilizes hands-free and touch-screen technology that gives access to its high-tech features with attractive graphics and a straightforward user interface. Swiping across the screen, Murano drivers and passengers can utilize their phone book, music library, GPS, and more without endangering themselves and others on the road.



Just like a smartphone or tablet, NissanConnect uses touch-sensitive apps that allow easy navigation of its color display. In some instances, it also utilizes voice activation. Here are some available apps:

SiriusXM Traffic: This app lets customers see what is going on in traffic and can even suggest alternate routes in order to avoid congestion or roadwork, making their trip easier.

SiriusXM Fuel Prices: This app can point customers in the direction of the best prices for gas within their vicinity.

Google Online Search: Google Online Search allows customers to access Google local search results from anywhere on the road, so they can find points of interest near their location.

Facebook: With this app, customers can scroll their news feeds so they can easily check in with their friends on Facebook. This function even allows them to update their statuses.

Twitter: Customers will be able to read their Twitter stream and tweet while they are on the road with ease.

Pandora®: Pandora® provides customers with their music preferences and gives them a playlist with songs they love while introducing them to similar music they never even knew about!

TripAdvisor: With TripAdvisor, customers will be able to access millions of reviews on places to eat, sleep, and visit.

Hands-free Text Messaging Assistant: If customers need to respond to a text, they do not have to do it with their hands! The NissanConnect system allows them to talk, send a text, or use the Bluetooth® system to make a call while driving safely. With the available Handsfree Text Messaging Assistant (part of NissanConnect), drivers can manage incoming text messages via voice control without taking their hands from the wheel or eyes off the road. Drivers are alerted to an incoming text and after initiating the system can hear the text read out loud and respond via voice recognition or via the steering wheel switches using preset answers such as “driving, can’t text”, “on my way”, “running late”, “okay” or a custom message.


NissanConnect with Mobile Apps (S)

The new generation NissanConnect system for the 2015 Murano is improved over the previous model versions. The new Murano is equipped with a new IT system and a 7-inch meter display or a new optional 8-inch touch-screen display. These displays have higher resolution (133 pixel / inch) and smoother transfer flow (30 fps), making it easier to see and understand detailed information.

NissanConnect with Navigation and Mobile Apps (SV, SL, Platinum; optional on S)

This available system provides NissanConnect features and adds Navigation functions, an 8-inch color touch-screen display, Voice Recognition for Navigation and audio, SiriusXM Traffic, and SiriusXM Travel Link. The Navigation system on the 2015 Murano is an all-new system known as NCG2K2 made by Clarion®.